Leather Care

You may condition your leather clothes using a commercial leather Product. Remember to always read and follow the instructions to avoid damage to your leathers.

- Avoid getting leather products overly wet and then do not store them until they have had ample time to air dry.
- Do not store leathers in sunlight.
- Do not store leathers in a damp area or you risk a mildew problem.
- Store leather products in a cool closet with low humidity.
- Never store leather clothing in a closed plastic bag.
- Hang your leather clothes using Wooden or Broad Plastic Hangers or carefully fold them.
- Avoid storing near to or using chemicals, solvents and paints on or near leather products.
- Do not dry clean leather; it may remove the natural oils from the leather.

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If you must clean your leather product ( avoid cleaning if possible ) then try a mild soap and cold water with a sponge. Make sure to dry the leather immediately with a soft towel. Do not rub continuously over one spot; this will create a non-uniform appearance. Then use a commercial leather-moisturizing product (lanolin based) on sealed leather to remoisten and make it supple again. On non-sealed leathers (like naked leather) do not use any moisturizer that might seal its grain.

If you want a professional job, we recommend you take your item to a professional leather cleaner. They have the proper tools to clean and recondition your leather product, but be warned that cleaners are inconsistent and your product may not look as good as it was.

Always follow the instructions on the garment label before cleaning.
Do not attempt to wash as a normal clothing item and do not Dry Clean.