GORICA TRADE - Historic Performance


Founded in 1992, Gorica Trade is a company for production and sale of leather items.

From the beginning it was only trading with leather and leather jackets, but 1999 year we started our own production. The company regards quality, price and delivery time as life and the priority of management.

Vision and mission

Vision - Every company in the first instance, install decision for improvement its competitiveness, agility and efficiency.

Mission - Our mission is a leading manufacturer and retailer of distinctive, high-quality fetish clothing and toys. With customer enjoyment paramount, we continually strive for excellence in function, innovative design and customer service. Our exceptional staff is a valued resource for both our wholesale and retail customers.

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Values of Gorica Trade

Profile - We look closely at the latest world-wide fashion trends. To keep up with these trends, we only spend around 15 days in developing a new design. The world is going ahead, and we must follow.

Quality - Gorica Trade is a leading producer of leather, our product is very unique comparing other leather goods in the world

Tradition – Our technicians, who have more than 15 years experience, have special knowledge on mea Suring and fitting custom making men's and ladies' suits. As a result, we are very confident that our jackets will always meet to customers' satisfaction.

Market reach - Our company is the best placed in the Macedonian market as well as in the Bulgarian market and in Turkey. That is because we offer high quality products, with available (cheaper) prices. The workers and employees in our production are highly experienced, and the machines that are used for sticking are "Brother" and all of them are new. We work with all kinds of leather, such as cow, sheep, buffalo with a high a class, all of the colors, and what is mostly important that we guaranty for our products. At this moment we have more than 60 women and 50 man latest fashion models. However we always adapt, depending on the costumers requests. #